About Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport

In the early 1900's H.F. Shipley, an independent agent, posted an advertisement in "The Semi-Weekly News" soliciting order for "The new Harley-Davidson®" and invited patrons to stop in and "view the machine that has created all the talk."

In 1918, due to the high volume of interest, J. Paul Delphey acquired the first Harley-Davidson® franchise within Delphy's Sporting Goods. This franchise would encompass three generations and become the oldest Harley-Davidson® dealership east of the Mississippi. In fact, both Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson visited the dealership shortly after it opened in 1918.

Vintage Harley-Davidson® motorcycle advertisement
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In the mid-1970s, the Delphy's wanted to explore other business ventures and made the decision to sell the franchise. Mike Vantucci, a "want-to-be dirt track racer", had pursued a few career options after college, however was very interested in purchasing the franchise. So, upon conversing with a few of his dealer friends, he and his wife, Nancy, purchased the franchise in March of 1978.

Many people told Nan and Mike they were making a mistake starting a Harley-Davidson® franchise, however, they saw great potential, and over 30 years later have a successful dealership in Frederick and a second successful dealership in Williamsport, Maryland. Nan and Mike take a great deal of pride in their Harley-Davidson® dealerships, the products, services, and lifestyle they deliver to their customers. They are motorcycle enthusiasts and very much enjoy participating in the events and activities sponsored by the dealership.

In 2003, while Harley-Davidson® Motor Company was celebrating it's 100th year in the industry, Mike & Nan opened a sister store in Williamsport, Maryland. Harley-Davidson® of Williamsport is excited to be a part of Williamsport, Maryland and keeping it rich history alive.

Through the years, Harley-Davidson® of Frederick has earned 8 prestigious Gold Bar and Shield awards from the Motor Company, 7 years of which were consecutive. Mike and Nan attribute their awards to their employees.

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