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Had an accident? No problem!

Bring your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle into our service department for an estimate.

At Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport, we will write your repair order and handle all of the logistics when it comes to having your motorcycle repaired. We have a great working relationship with insurance companies such as Progressive, Geico, State Farm, AllState, and more. To get the process started, stop into our Frederick, MD dealership, call or contact us today. Our team will assist you in all aspects of your collision repair.

What Is The Collision/Repair Process?

The collision/repair process can be lengthy one, once your Harley® arrives, the process begins. We will get your contact information and the claim information which your insurance agent provided to you when you reported the accident. Sometimes, the insurance company has already provided an estimate for the repairs on your motorcycle. Rarely is their estimate an accurate representation of the damage to your bike.

We will have the estimate performed within 3 business days of your Harley®'s arrival. Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport will then contact you and the appropriate insurance representative. This is usually done by faxing a copy of the estimate to the insurance company unless otherwise directed. Once the estimate is completed, the insurance company sends out a field adjuster to verify damages and approve repairs. When the estimate has been approved, payment is then issued by the insurance company. This normally happens one of three ways: 1. The field adjuster issues payment on site, or 2. a few days after the field adjuster stops by, payment will be mailed to us or 3. payment will be mailed directly to you, the customer.

All parts used for repairs are ordered directly from the Harley®-Davidson Motor Company. If you have your Harley® modified with aftermarket parts, Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport will make an order to obtain those parts from the appropriate manufacturer. Depending on the model, year, and color of your Harley®, painted parts in some cases can take up to twelve weeks to arrive from the factory. We also work closely with some very skilled painters in the area who can repair certain damage if the wait for factory painted parts is too long.

**Please note: We CANNOT order parts until the insurance check/payment has been received by Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport and endorsed to us if necessary. Payment made by the insurance company is less your deductible (if applicable). You, the customer, are responsible for paying the deductible. The deductible isn't due until all collision repairs are completed, and your motorcycle is ready for pick up.

While we have your bike, now is the time to make those Upgrades!

While your Harley® is here, sit down and speak with one of our representatives prior to Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport ordering parts for the repair process. Why don't you make those changes to your Harley® that you've always wanted to make at the same time? Odds are that with the insurance payment, many of these parts that you want to upgrade and the labor required for the upgrades are partially paid for! Keep in mind no matter how extreme a change is to your repair estimate, payment for a deductible is still the customer's responsibility, and the damage must be fixed.

Things to Remember

Insurance checks written to you are often not sufficient to repair the motorcycle. By having Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport perform the estimate and double-check the insurance company, you can be sure your motorcycle is fixed properly the first time. If the check is written to you and Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport or just to Harley-Davidson® of Frederick & Williamsport, we must use that money to repair the motorcycle, and cannot return any funds back to you without express permission from the insurance company who wrote the check. If your bike is a total loss, we can help you to establish a value for your motorcycle so that you are sure to be reimbursed for its actual replacement value, and not the first lowball offer that comes across the table.

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